Liquid Chalk – Texas Hill Country Scent – 1.75 fl. oz.


Pika Liquid Chalk – Texas Hill Country Scent – Retractable Lanyard – 1.75 fl. oz.

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PikaTM Liquid Chalk

Texas Hill Country scent
Zero-Slip Formula for athletes of all types
Retractable lanyard
1.75 fl. oz. / 50 mL


PikaTM Liquid Chalk is the preferred scented chalk of pikas and other small, cute, and awesome mountain critters*

*Note: This product is actually designed for athletes of all types, not just small, cute, and awesome mountain critters.



ZERO-SLIP FORMULA – Designed for athletes of all types, our Zero-Slip Formula provides a unique high-friction effect that works even with sweaty hands on slick surfaces, tiny crimpers, and steep slopers.


CONDITION & MOISTURIZE SKIN –  Wash off with water to fully activate ingredients that deeply condition and moisturize the skin post-workout. Prevents dry, cracked, and peeling hands. Softens callouses, reduces tears and flappers, repairs skin damage, promotes faster hand recovery. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy.


CHALK UP LESS OFTEN – Paint-like coverage lasts up to 3X longer than other liquid chalk products. When it does finally rub off your fingertips, simply rub your fingers against your palms for several more rapid mid-climb applications.


RETRACTABLE LANYARD – Never drop or fumble your chalk bottle again. Our refillable 1.75 fl. oz. / 50 mL bottles come with a retractable lanyard. Clip it to your harness, grab and pull with one hand, quickly apply a dollop of chalk to your hands, let go, and the bottle quickly zooms back into place. (Retractable lanyards are only available with our 1.75 fl. oz. / 50 mL size liquid chalk products. The lanyards and carabiners are small and unrated; do not use as climbing protection under any circumstances.)


CLEAN INGREDIENTS – We use only the cleanest, healthiest, and highest-quality ingredients, using organic ingredients whenever possible. We put it on our own hands too, after all. We want the safest products for ourselves, our customers, and our planet.


SMELLS GREAT – Choose between fantastic scents that leave your hands smelling lovely, reminding you of your favorite crags and mountain parks.



It’s Great for Your Skin

Our scented liquid chalk conditions & moisturizes your skin. Wash off with water to fully activate ingredients that deeply condition and moisturize the skin post-workout.

  • Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy
  • Prevents dry, cracked, and peeling hands
  • Softens callouses
  • Prevents tears and flappers
  • Repairs skin damage
  • Promotes faster hand recovery
  • Apply repeatedly without worry of drying out your skin

The chalk doesn’t just feel dusty and immediately fall off your hands to the ground like powdered chalk and many other liquid chalks do.



A Little More About PikaTM Liquid Chalk
  • feels smooth and creamy when you first apply it
  • coats your hands with chalk thick like paint and doesn’t easily rub or flake off
  • doesn’t feel sticky or tacky
  • doesn’t contain pine rosin, which damages outdoor holds
  • remains both on the surface and deep in the crevices and folds of your skin
  • provides a surprisingly strong, long-lasting grip, way longer than you’d think possible

The scents in PikaTM Liquid Chalks are reminiscent of high-alpine breezes in the Rockies and Texas Hill Country wildflowers. It’s a nice change from most chalk that just smells a little like sweaty socks when you’re done climbing. It feels great to have healthy, lovely smelling skin.



Bonus Feature

PikaTM Liquid Chalk contains alcohol and creates less dust, which means cleaner, healthier gyms.



How to Be Boundless (and use our liquid chalk)
  1. Shake bottle well
  2. Rub small amount on hands
  3. Wait 15-30 seconds to dry
  4. Go be amazing
  5. Wash with water when done to condition and moisturize skin



  • High-quality, super-fine powdered magnesium carbonate (AKA chalk)
  • Denatured ethyl alcohol
  • Filtered water
  • Organic raw wildflower honey
  • Epsom salt
  • Organic essential oil blend



You. Are. Boundless.

PikaTM turns regular people into superheroes. PikaTM Liquid Chalk will empower you to do things you never dreamt possible. Go be amazing!



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