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PikaTM turns regular people into superheroes.

Everyone is capable of so much more than we realize. In order to be our best selves and do amazing things, sometimes we need products tailored to our unique needs. PikaTM exists to make that vision a reality.

Products Designed for Diverse Athletes

PikaTM, also known as Pika MountainTM, is a sporting goods company based in Austin, Texas. All our products are manufactured right here in Austin.

We use innovative design and 21st century technologies to create new products that solve problems experienced by traditionally underserved athletes. Many products sold by other sporting goods companies are fantastic, but sometimes they aren’t designed with diverse athletes in mind. For example, few rock climbing products are specifically tailored to female athletes.

We aim to change that.

Everyone should feel included, supported, and empowered in our gyms, parks, and mountains. Hopefully, PikaTM team, products, blog, training videos, social media, and community will help make that happen.

If any of that resonates with you, sign up for our newsletter for updates. And come back to our website and social media from time to time. The newsletter is non-spammy and full of valuable content. We’ll also soon be adding a blog, training videos, new products, and more to the website. Stay tuned!

You. Are. Boundless.

PikaTM turns regular people into superheroes. PikaTM products will empower you to do things you never dreamt possible. Go be amazing!

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